ARENA Update Is Live!

ARENA Update Is Live!

Thanks to all our fans for being so patient – this update is a big one!

ARENA is a massive content update to the original EPOCH, giving players a whole new way to play the game.

  • Arena Mode – Challenge yourself and your friends to see who can get the top score against an endless horde of robots.
  • Leaderboards – Post and compare your top scores for each map.
  • Missions – Secondary goals you can complete for bonus XP.
  • More Achievements – For both the original Campaign and Survival mode.
  • More Levels – Three new maps set in the “Junkyard”, custom built for Survival Mode, with new ways to move and strategise.
  • More Logs – Further explore the world of EPOCH with more characters and story.
  • iPhone 5 support!
  • … and there’s still more to come, so stay tuned ;)

If you haven’t already got EPOCH, you can get it HERE
Or like EPOCH on its new Facebook page HERE

And as always, thanks for playing!

- The Uppercut Team