City Of Brass

City Of Brass is an unforgiving first-person dungeon crawler with ever-changing levels. Pilfer treasure, bargain with Genies, escape traps and flee from creatures as you search for the ultimate prize.

Leaping from the pages of the Arabian Nights, adventure awaits in the accursed City Of Brass; a place of legend, filled with danger and reward. Infested with mischievous spirits, deadly traps, and inhabitants cursed to an eternity of un-death, its shifting streets are also brimming with the wealth of a small nation. And at the center of the city there lies a fabled treasure, just waiting for someone tenacious enough to claim it.

Game Features:

Whip it up! Master the whip to disarm, trip or stun your attackers, swing to safety, and even snag distant treasures.

Abracadabra! Strike deals with the mischievous Genies imprisoned throughout the city, or spend a precious wish to bend them to your will. Gear up with enchanted items, and transform the very fabric of the world with powerful incantations.

Live! Die! Repeat! Procedurally generated levels mean no two playthroughs are the same. Play, die, and play again, each time using what you've learned to get a little bit further.

Explore and plunder! Search every nook and cranny for treasure, open hidden rooms and get to the exit before the sands run out. But keep your eyes peeled for the many traps that you’ll have to run, jump, climb or slide to avoid.

Improvise! When your sword just isn’t enough, get creative: smash your enemies with explosive vases, blind them with a brick to the face, or shove them into traps.