EPOCH.2 lets you take your character through a ruined world, encountering enemy robots that are determined to stop you. Each level in this world is divided up into various combat spaces.

Combat Guide

Combat Spaces

Most Combat Spaces have three positions for your robot to occupy: Left, Middle and Right.

In EPOCH.2, there are many variant combat spaces: hanging, two-tiered, split, and more. Keep moving at all times to find out what kind of cover positions are available to you in each new combat space.

Standing and Taking Cover

Your robot can either stand or take cover at a position, and you can switch between the two stances by swiping up or down.


Swipe left to move left, right to move right. You can move whether you’re standing or in cover.

Check the bottom of the screen for arrows that show you which way you can move.

Super Move

In most combat spaces, when you’re standing in a Left or Right position, you can swipe up to perform a Super Move. This move will launch you to the other side of the combat space, and is a great way to avoid damage and throw off your enemy’s aim.

When you’re standing in a Middle position, you can swipe up to make EPOCH hover in the air above the position for a moment. This is useful for avoiding grenades and slicer beams, but timing is important!

In some combat spaces, the super move will instead move you to the top or bottom of the combat space.

Targeting an Enemy

Your robot won’t fire without a target. To select a target, simply touch the enemy that you want to shoot.


Your robot only attacks when he is standing out of cover. Swipe up when in cover to make your robot stand and fire. He will attack that target until it is dead, or until you choose another target.


Your robot’s weapons have unlimited ammunition, but they still have limited shots in each clip. When the clip is empty, the robot will automatically start reloading. Reloading can be interrupted, for example, if you need to swipe to move out of the way of incoming fire.

Manual Reload

Sometimes you will want to force the robot to reload – it’s better to greet a new wave of enemies with a full weapon! To force a reload, swipe down when in cover.

Fast Reload

To speed up your reload, when you are already in cover you can swipe down again. This will start a Fast Reload, and you’ll see a Reload Meter displayed on screen, with a thin bar sliding across from left to right.

To perform a Fast Reload, wait until the slider reaches the white section of the Reload Meter and swipe down.

If you successfully swipe down when the slider is on the white section, you will be instantly reloaded AND you’ll get a damage bonus to the reloaded ammunition.


Counters – or Countermeasures – are special abilities that are used against a targeted enemy. Importantly, Countermeasures ignore cover, so you can hit an enemy even if you can’t see them, as long as they are targeted. Different Counters have different effects.


Boosters are special abilities that affect your robot. Each Booster has a different effect, and is aimed at a different play style. Experiment with each Booster to find the one that suits you best.


Missiles are auto-targeting – they will spread themselves amongst all of the possible targets in the combat space, favouring enemies with higher health. Use missiles to either reduce the health of all combatants by a small amount, or fire them when you have only a single enemy to deliver a more powerful blow.

Advanced Strategy Guide

Keep Moving!

Most enemies track your position slowly, so the more you move, the more likely it is that they will miss.

Combo  Commands

You can set up combos by issuing one command quickly after another:  the robot remembers its current and next commands. For example, you can “double move” by swiping left twice, or move and attack by swiping right and up.

Damage and Armor Types

Every weapon has a damage type – such as Kinetic, Corrosive or Explosive – and every armor is resistant to one or two damage types.

When you select a level on the Campaign screen’s map, you’ll get a recommendation for the Best Attack and Best Defense. Use this information to choose the best weapon and armor combination from the Scrapyard before visiting a location.

When and Where to Move

Whilst it’s best to keep moving, there are extra factors worth keeping in mind.

  • Draw enemy fire to a position and then move. Useful against Gunner and Grenadier enemies.
  • Wait until the last moment before moving. Useful against Blaster enemies.
  • Super moves can be used to jump over attacks. Useful against Slicers enemies.
  • You can sometimes flank an enemy by moving to the position furthest from their cover and firing diagonally across the combat space – some of your bullets might just clip them.

Choosing Your Targets

When choosing a target you need to decide who poses the greatest threat, but it’s not always simply the enemy that does the most damage. Take the time to assess who it is that damages you the most.

Concentrate Your Fire

In general, it’s better to concentrate your fire on a single target to destroy it rather than spread your damage around: a dead target can’t fire back. Exceptions to this include using corrosive or chaining weapons – consider their effects and how you might better spread their damage out.

Target the Destructibles

Destructibles are pieces of ancient technology that litter the world and that yield a Credits bonus when destroyed. You can fire at Destructibles  by selecting them, but remember that you will be spending time shooting at the destructible object instead of an enemy

Campaign Guide

EPOCH 2 has a campaign that ranges across multiple locations with varying enemies.


Selecting a Location

Each location on the map has a different combination of enemy types, their damage type and weaknesses. Locations also get more difficult the further through the campaign you go.

Location Play Modes

Each location in EPOCH.2 can be played in one of three modes: Campaign, Time Trial and Iron Mode.

  • Campaign Mode – normal story mode.
  • Time Trial Mode – can you defeat all of the enemies in the alloted time?
  • Iron Mode -fight enemies that are tougher, smarter and deadlier.

Replaying a Location

If you get stuck, or if you just want to earn more rewards, you can replay any completed location whenever you like. Just select the difficulty level and the location and you’re good to go.


At the end of each combat, you are rewarded with items that you’ve found or earned: data intercepts, experience and credits.

  • Data Intercepts – These intercepted transmissions are a window into the past and provide insight into the world and the people who lived there.
  • Experience – Gaining experience allows your robot to level up. Each new level gives you a bonus to your attack and defense.
  • Credits – Credits are the currency in the world of EPOCH.2, used to purchase more upgrades from the Scrapyard. There are a number of ways that you are awarded Credits.
    • Found – Lucky you! You found these lying around and no-one seemed to own them.
    • Destructibles – Find and destroy the destructible objects in each combat space.
  • Bonus – Equipping certain pieces of salvage will give you a Salvage, Experience or Credit reward bonus

Scrapyard Guide


At the bottom of the scrapyard are your robot’s statistics:

  • Level – the higher your level, the greater your base attack and defense stats
  • Attack & Defense – these are a combination of the base stat and the equipped weapon or armor respectively.
  • Credits – your cash reserves.

Equipment Tabs

There are five tabs, one for each category of equipment.

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Counters
  • Missiles
  • Boosters

Buying and Selling

If you’re really itching to try out that expensive weapon, you can always sell items you’re no longer using. Compare your items and trade in the ones that are clearly inferior.


Boosters give your robot amazing special abilities, and each one caters to a particular play style. Here’s a list of the Boosters in EPOCH 2 and some advice on how they’re best used.

Data Intercept Guide

Data Intercepts are transcripts of intercepted transmissions from before the war.



There are a number of people who have left behind messages, displayed in a scrollable list at the top of the screen.

Number of Intercepts

Each person can have multiple messages, displayed in a scrollable list at the bottom of the screen. Each message has a number so you can tell how many you have left to unlock.